Parker VH Grade hammerless SxS shotgun, 12 gauge, 26” barrels


12 gauge, 30″ with the Whitworth steel barrels marked “PIGEON” , NO. 2 frame, extractor’s, gold plated double triggers, and non automatic safety. Shipped March 1, 1895 to Griffith & Temple Co., Louisville, KY. for P.L Atherton. The original stock was a half pistol grip. Returned to the factory on Dec. 6, 1895 for a straight grip stock to be fitted to the gun with a pull measuring 14 1/2″. Comb: 1 3/8″ Hell:2 3/8″. Factory records further indicate that Parker notables Runge, Rockwell, Stokes, and Phenix performed work on this gun. The gun is accompanied by it`s factory letter and copy of the ledger. A letter from Larry Del Grego dated Feb 3, 1976 is included indicating the extent of his work on the gun.