What makes a handgun affordable? The obvious answer would be a low price, but there’s more to being an “affordable” handgun than just the price. Sometimes it’s the value within the handgun. You can find a lot of lower-priced 9mm handguns that vary widely in features.

We’re not talking cheap guns. We’re talking solid quality and reliability that you’d bet your life on. We’ve outlined some top contenders. They’re not your typical choices either. Each of these made the list because of price, features, and value for the money.

A Treasure From Turkey: SAR 9 

Best Bargain: SCCY Industries CPX-1 

Best Trigger: Canik TP9 

Israeli Made: BUL Armory Cherokee 

Small Package, Big Round Count: Ruger Max-9 

Sleek and Full-Size: Arex Delta 

Compact for Concealed Carry: Taurus GX4  

Ultra Concealable: Diamondback DB9 

Modular and Military Tested: Beretta APX