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Some guns get all the glory, and others just do their jobs. Taurus’ compact G3c pretty much falls into that latter category. That’s kind of good news for us. For one thing, the G3c does its job reliably and very well. The other good news is that glory is often expensive, and the G3c pistol is not. Plus, in my very humble opinion, it’s not a bad-looking carry pistol.

From my experiences, Taurus’ recent line of concealable 9mm pistols has consistently provided impressive function at budget-friendly prices. But they often get overlooked by people searching for a reliable self-defense handgun. The likes of GlockSig SauerSpringfield, and Smith & Wesson cast a somewhat unfair shadow over these Taurus guns when it comes to concealed carry options. In transparency, I’ve owned a few of each brand.

In fact, a range buddy offered to buy one of my Glocks from me while we were at the range a few weeks ago. I don’t generally like parting ways with any of my guns, and I couldn’t bring myself to break ties with that Glock just then. I love that pistol and have put a few miles on it. But what he really wanted was a solid self-defense and range gun at a good price.

So, I offered him a chance to run the Taurus for a few mags, and off he went on a hunt for a new G3c. I can totally understand why. Glock 26 ,Glock 45 ,